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Voices from Athens


The story:
Since the Greek crisis appeared on our screens in 2010, the media has created and emphasised a differentiation between the “bad” Greeks and the rest of Europe, especially in France, as if it were the Greek people, all of them, who were having a negative influence on their country.

Filmed between December 2011 and December 2012, the project gives a voice to 14 Athenians, men and women, aged between 30 and 83, with differing backgrounds and viewpoints.

Interviewed in a familiar place, their home, office or local café, all the interviewees were invited to introduce themselves and tell their stories of the crisis in their own words and at their own pace.

By offering a “head-to-head” moment with Athenians, “Voices from Athens” aims to (re)create a mirror between urban Greeks and other European citizens.

The project:
Voices from Athens was an artistic response to a specific situation rather than a journalistic exercise.
It bas been created and developed without any funding, thanks to all the talented people who joined the project.
Started in November 2011, the project has grown at its own pace, through encounters and precious time off.

The director:
Starting her career at 21 in cinema and television, Anne worked as a camera operator/assistant before moving to London and diving into digital. Filming reality was always a dream but (thought) that would require maturity.

After working as a web designer and art director in Paris and Athens, she graduated with distinction from the London College of Communication (UAL) with a Master’s degree in Documentary Film in 2010.

Her first short documentary film, "Making Dough", a portrait of traditional bakers, was selected at the London International Documentary Festival in 2011.

"Voices from Athens" is her second project, a first foray combining 2 passions: documentary film and digital art direction.


Photography, Filming & Editing – Anne Loriot
Digital Colorist – Thibaut Pétillon /
Post Producers – Clément Massu, Jordane Lassalle, Alexandre André, Alexis Baillia /

Music – Spyros Halaris
Instruments – Kanun by Spyros Halaris & Viola da gamba by Andreas Linos
Sound Recording & Interviews Post Production – Theofilos Botonakis /

Conception & Design – Anne Loriot
Conception & Development – Frédéric Caunant / & Pablo Prieto /

Translation – Natassa Katopodi, Rhion Albone, Alessandra Esposito Chartrand, Katerina Christopoulou, Natassa Poulis, Stephanos Poulis, Alexandros Gogornas, Chrysostomos Giannoulakis, Sophia Nixon
Transcript & Subtitles – Kritonas Poulis

Anne Loriot, assisted by Kritonas Poulis

Efharisto para poli / Merci beaucoup / Thank you so much
Soula Kana, Alexandros Gogornas, Christos Gogornas, Tsironis Kleanthis, Angelique Papamattheou, Chrysostomos Giannoulakis, Theodoros Savvas, Nikolaos Savvas, Melina Legaki, Nicolas Radicopoulos, Natasa Gkasa, Danos Arzimanoglou, Manos Koumis, Linou Stamatina, Georgios Sambas, Katerina Christopoulou, Iakovos Diamantopoulos, Georgina Nassou (Giagiamas!)

Rhion Albone (for all your help since so long), Sophie Nilles, Ivan Aublin, Anaïs Seiller, Marie-Savine Colin, Pierre-Alexis Corson, Athina Georgiadou, Lucy Bull, Stavros Seretis, David Basso, Samuel Lemaresquier

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